Who We Are

Who We Are

Our team includes people from many different backgrounds with a broad range of skills taken from years of experience in the Telecommunications industry and others. Our team includes Engineers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs and Business people.

The Company’s origins go back as far as 1998 when it was originally a software house and later a broadband wholesaler.

Model Telecom is an Irish company fully licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation and , as technology and business needs changed, the Company swiftly developed  its suite of support services. Over the last year the company has developed and expanded, brought in new directors with complementary management and technical skill and is investing to support IT firms and Business to Download and Upload large amounts of electronic data quickly.

Model Telecom specialises in transmitting information globally, to data servers and increasingly to the cloud. We tailor solutions and choice for every company we deal with to ensure that they get exactly what they need.

If you require further information on the Company or if you would like us to look at your business broadband needs please Contact Us