Welcome to Model Telecom

Established in 1998 we are a wholly Irish owned company fully licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (Comreg).

We specialise in supporting IT firms and SME’s who need to download and upload large amounts of electronic data quickly and efficiently. Our service offerings range from 10Mbps 1:1 Un-Contended Connections right up to 1Gbps.  

We provide very competitively priced, secure high speed internet connection for information coming in to organisations but also increasingly importantly for sending information globally, to data servers and to the cloud. In 2014 we begun our wholly owned Fibre Broadband Network roll out to compliment our extensive Microwave Radio network and to offer even higher speeds of up to 10Gbps in selected areas.
We tailor solutions and packages for every company we deal with to ensure that the client gets exactly what they require, no more and no less.
Our telecommunications equipment is new; industry standard and we have excellent qualified technical support available 365 days per year to provide quality support to all of our clients.
We can also offer dual redundant links back to multiple high sites to ensure 100% uptime.

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