Our Network

Model Telecom now carries over 2Gbps of fibre based IP capacity through its equipment located in Ireland's largest data centre (ServeCentric, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15). The primary licensed microwave based radio feeds are via the Data Centre roof to the RTE mast on Three Rock Mountain, south Dublin (140 Metre mast with antennas located at 75 Metres), We also have several other strategic sites in Leinster including Saggart Hill, Bray Head, Naas, Ashbourne and will shortly have 2 new high sites in North County Dublin. Our microwave radio based IP back-haul is carried via multiple radio links from the data centre for network resilience and Fibre Backup to Three Rock Mountain.
Model Telecom carries dedicated high speed (non-contended) links to business customers who are availing of this type of product as a leased line replacement with symmetric upload/download speeds and guaranteed bandwidth provision.
Additionally our infrastructure can provide a secure very high speed, very low latency, point-to-point virtual private network allowing organisations with multiple diverse physical locations to share hardware and system resources normally only available on local networks. Depending on location we can provide links of up to 1Gbps to clients.

Network Statistics

Data Centre: ServeCentric, Blanchardsrown, Dublin 15

Network Operations Centre: 46 Upper Mount St, Dublin 2

Fibre Capacity: Over 2 Gbps

Maximum Avg. Latency From Client to Core Network: 10ms

High Site / Base Stations: All have redundant links back to core network for resilience